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LSL 400/Month
3D printing

Begin your journey in digital fabrication with our 3D printing course. Learn the basics, create your own designs, and bring them to life!

LSL 400/Month
Lego Robotics

Unlock the power of robotics with our LEGO robotics course. Build and program robots to complete tasks and solve real-world problems.

LSL 400/Month
FTC Robotics

Take your robotics skills to the next level with our First Tech Challenge Robotics course. Design, build, and program advanced robots for competitions.

LSL 400/Month
Front-end web-dev

Learn the art of designing and developing stunning websites with our front-end web development course. Master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

LSL 400/Month
Back-end web-dev

Enter the world of server-side programming with our back-end web development course. Build dynamic websites and web applications with Node.js and databases.

LSL 400/Month

Discover the world of coding with our interactive coding course. Learn programming languages, build projects, and unleash your creativity.

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